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Dieses Thema im Forum "Heimkino mit dem PC" wurde erstellt von tilo777, 13. Januar 2003.

  1. tilo777

    tilo777 Neuling

    Registriert seit:
    12. Januar 2003
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    hi hallo und so
    kann man xmf datein
    umwandeln oder umschreiben
    (zu erstellen einer sicherheits kop...)
    mit movie jack 2
    gruß tilo777
    boah! boah! boah!
  2. webster1

    webster1 Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    24. Februar 2002
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    What is XMF?

    XMF is a new family of music-related file formats created and administered by the MIDI Manufacturer's Association. XMF is based on the idea of containing one or more files in existing formats – such as Standard MIDI Files, DLS instrument files, WAV or other digital audio files, etc. – to create a collection of all the resources needed to present a musical piece, an interactive webpage soundtrack, or any other piece of media using pre-produced sound elements.

    There are two parts to XMF: the XMF Meta-File Format, which all XMF files use, and a series of XMF File Types that use the XMF Meta-File Format for various purposes. So far, XMF Type 0 and XMF Type 1 files have been defined.

    XMF Meta-File Format – XMF is designed to keep file sizes as small as possible, in order to be useful on systems ranging from small-footprint mobile devices like cell phones to desktop/laptop computers to high-power web servers. It also has no maximum file size, so it could be used to store very large collections if desired. To support international music data commerce, the meta-data that travels with the resources can be International, keyed to the user's language and the country in which playback is happening – so in an XMF album, the liner notes could change language depending on who's listening.

    XMF File Types – XMF Type 0 and XMF Type 1 files are Standard MIDI Files that can use both standard General MIDI instruments provided by a player, and custom DLS instruments. The MIDI files and the DLS files are bound together in the XMF file, rather than travelling separately where they can get lost. (This approach, which allows for reliable, rich-sounding music at very reasonable file sizes, was pioneered by Beatnik, Inc., who led the MMA working group that developed the XMF design.) Type 0 and Type 1 are identical, except that in Type 0 the MIDI data may be streamed.

    Ich weiss nicht,was midi-Dateien mit Digitalfernsehen zu tun haben,oder was sind das für Dateien?

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