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p-rock TV wahrscheinlich bald wieder auf 28,2°Ost

Dieses Thema im Forum "Small Talk" wurde erstellt von digiskysurfer, 3. Juni 2003.

  1. digiskysurfer

    digiskysurfer Gold Member

    Registriert seit:
    2. Januar 2003
    Music station p-rock TV has resumed transmissions, but as yet has failed to make a reappearance on the Sky Digital EPG.

    The channel, which launched in November last year on EPG 461, went off air at the start of the month to "regroup and plan for a re-launch."

    The station's owners admitted they were just "3 geezers with absolutely no previous TV experience running Punk Rock DIY TV."

    Founder Mark Sharman said he hoped the channel would be back on air as soon as possible.

    "We thought it better to take p-rock TV off air to re-group and re-launch with the correct amount of financial backing," he told the station's official website. "We have proved the concept is strong but you can't run a channel on a shoestring budget. It's unbelievable what we have learned in the last six months and none of us have any regrets about giving p-rock "a go".

    "It's also now incredible how many people have already called us with ideas to help us get back on air, and no doubt there'll be more similar calls. One thing we have proved is that we had an idea, backed it with our own money and it became one of the fastest growing channels on Sky. With a stronger financial package and infrastructure we could build the p-rock brand to even greater heights."

    p-rock currently plans to be back on air in the autumn, although the significance of these latest tests is unclear. The owners also have subsequent aspirations to launch a further two specialist music channels.
  2. GSV Burgenland

    GSV Burgenland Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    17. Juli 2003
    Hm, die zeigen den ganzen Tag Green Day und ähnliches, so ähnlich wie gotv zu manchen Uhrzeiten.
    ChartShow, Classic FM TV und POP finde ich besser
    U're Music ist auch nicht so der Renner...

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