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Noch ein gutes Tool : DVDx

Dieses Thema im Forum "Digitale Audio- und Videobearbeitung" wurde erstellt von RH_FCB, 28. Juli 2006.

  1. RH_FCB

    RH_FCB Guest

    DVDx is freeware, current version is 2.5.1

    DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0 or SCVD1.0 or DivX or WMV in one step (including multiplexing, splitting). It produces very good quality movies in MPEG1/2 format and you don't need to have 5GB or more free on your hard disk. DVDx has been designed especialy for unexperimented users, it is a simple and intuitive program. You only need Nero to burn your VCD/SVCD. DVDx has evolved in a very powerful program, the fastest DVD backup solution ever and is now adopted by a lot of people including advanced users.
    Get DVDx standard version from Source Forge, use and distribute in any country, no legal restriction anywhere, can't copy commercial DVDs.
    Get DVDx Ultra Edition from labDV, can copy any DVD!
    Latest 2.5.1 release is solving many a/v out-of-sync problem repeated reported by users since the version 1.0 release.


    [​IMG] Download DVDx
    [​IMG] Read DVDx FAQ
    [​IMG] History of DVDx

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