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Neue software Echostar 5020 (108-910)

Dieses Thema im Forum "andere Receiver" wurde erstellt von Gorefest, 2. Juni 2006.

  1. Gorefest

    Gorefest Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    17. Juni 2004
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Technisches Equipment:
    Echostar PVR-5020 + V-boxII
    !!!Neue Beta!!! (download von www.echostar-int.com )

    The following issues have been addressed in this software release (108_V910) compared to previous version (107_V811)

    1. MP3 via Spdif (optical out) to enjoy your MP3’s on you home cinema system.
    2. TPS problem with new Viaccess smartcard solved.
    3. PMT is real-time monitored so that audio PID changes are handled automatically.
    4. Playback of scrambled recordings improved.
    5. HDD file management improved. (Also see item about filesystem at the bottom of this document)
    6. Added a new feature to let the unit go to standby after a timer or recording has ended.
    If a timer is still running and if you for instance want to go to bed, you now can press the standby button. You will see the pop up shown in this picture which you can leave on the screen. When the timer ends the unit will automatically go to standby.

    Same goes when you want to record the remainder of a program you are watching but you want to go to bed.
    Just press the record button twice and edit the recording duration (confirm with OK) and then just press the standby button and leave the pop up on the screen. When the recording ends the unit will automatically go to standby.

    7. Added a new feature which adds conflict handling in the channel list while recording.
    Now if you are recording one or more channels it will indicate the channels in the channellist that are not available by displaying those channel names in black.

    However if you select one of those channels anyway you will get a pop up asking you which recording you want to stop in order to watch that channel. (See next picture)

    Here you can select which recording you want to stop, or select cancel if you do not want to stop a recording.
    Once the recording is stopped you will automatically see the channel you selected.

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