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Faulty astoncrypt 1.07 cam, can anyone help out?

Dieses Thema im Forum "HILFE!!!! Alles kaputt???" wurde erstellt von mallanikkelsen, 27. Oktober 2006.

  1. mallanikkelsen

    mallanikkelsen Junior Member

    Registriert seit:
    6. August 2006
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Hello everyone
    Well, I do not know if this is the propper forum, however, as this concerns a cam, which perhaps is faulty, I thaught that this would be the best
    place to post.
    I've just purchaced an astoncrypt cam ver. 1.07 from hm-sat-shop, and I did receive it via post this morning. However, when I broke the packedging, I discovered something which I found quite strange.
    I discovered that I was actually able to move the back of the cam slidely, which means that I can actually seperate the front and the back from each other
    a little, and I guess that if I push a subscription card in there, the cam will not hold it properlly, due to the front and back, which as said, can be seperated/opened slidely.
    They can be seperated just where you push the card in.
    I of course wrote to hm-sat-shop to have a replacement sendt out, but I was told that this was a new cam with just a conection on the plug and that the
    cam would hold the card as used to.
    However, I still find this very strange, and I there for am writing to ask if anyone inhere has got this cam? If yes, it would be great if it could be confirmed if the one Ive got is actually
    faulty or not.
    as I've not got any card yet, i've not actually had the opotunity to test the cam properlly, but I just find it strange that I am actually able
    to open it slidely.
    I do hope to get a reply from someone, and that my explanation is understandable.
    Kind regards from allan
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 27. Oktober 2006

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