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TV for gaming (not hardcore) and streaming

Dieses Thema im Forum "HDTV, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K, 3D & Digital Video" wurde erstellt von bsdamasceno, 12. Juli 2016.

  1. bsdamasceno

    bsdamasceno Neuling

    Registriert seit:
    12. Juli 2016
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for writing in english, but my german skills are yet not good enough to speak about technology...
    I'm currently searching for a TV that will be mainly used for gaming (PS4) and streaming (netflix).
    Watching regular-open-channels is certainly not a priority.

    I'm actually writing here because I'm having a hard time picking a GÜNSTIG TV.
    I had one TV in Brasil, from Samsung, which was awesome, but I'm having a hard time in finding the correspondent one here in Germany, mainly because the model names are not the same.
    This is the TV I had: Smart TV LED 48" Samsung Curva UN48J6500AGXZD Full HD com Conversor Digital 4 HDMI 3 USB Wi-Fi - Submarino.com

    The closest one I found here was the UE48J6350:

    BUT, what twists my mind is that I can't find the exact Bildwiederholrate from this TV.
    In Brasil it has 120hz reaching up to 240hz through Samsung's software.

    Now, the rate frequency plays hard game in my opinion. At this point I'm considering in buying a different brand, only in order to have at least 200hz of Bildwiederholrate. 50 and 60hz are completely out of question, and 100hz are OKAY if the price is really low.

    There's one 49" 100hz from SHARP, in the local KAULFAND, for EUR 379, but I can't find ANY review from this TV, which puts me in a defensive position. Have you guys ever heard of the model LC-49CFE5002E? Now I know the brand is reliable, but every brand has its crappy product.

    Also, I found a cheap 48" from GRUNDIG, but I never ever heard about this brand. The model is VLE 6522BL, with 200hz. Its price is EUR 399,00 at notebooksbiliger.de

    SORRY for writing this long, but then you guys can see why I did not write all this in german (I just can't).

    The main idea is this:

    Size 48" to 50"
    Bildwiederholrate: 200hz, or at least 100hz if the price is right
    Full HD (1080p) - 4k is not needed, really.
    Main use: PS4 and streaming, being the game just casual - not any close to compepetitive, though I like sharp vivid image
    If the TV is a smart TV, that's even better, otherwise a Chromecast should do the job
  2. simonsagt

    simonsagt Platin Member

    Registriert seit:
    11. April 2014
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    You are aware, that every Frame over 60 Hz has to be computed by the TV? This can look awesome or horribile or anything between. The ps4 signal is 60 Hz, German dvb 50 Hz, Netflix 24-30 Hz.

    Most TV deactivate this interpolation if you tell them a gaming device or PC is connected.

    With the estimaged budget I would look for older models up to 3 years old that support the Netflix-App. Bugs and similar should be well known by now and a new one with that size and that prize in a supermarket sale might not be what you wanted. But if you had a chance to check out the picture qualtity and you liked it, go for it. Beeing used as a display and netflix is ... trivial. Most modern TV can do this, and the frame rate for this does not matter. But you have to like the picture quality.

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