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SC 4.0 auf 1°W Info

Dieses Thema im Forum "Force / Homecast / Hyundai / Galaxis / Micronik" wurde erstellt von Adam, 29. Oktober 2003.

  1. Adam

    Adam Junior Member

    Registriert seit:
    23. Januar 2003
  2. martkla

    martkla Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    27. Januar 2002
    coole sache. nur schaff ichs leider nicht, mir dieses update runterzuladen. kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich hier vorgehen muss? oder ist das update nur für viasat-abonnenten zu haben?
  3. iMac

    iMac Board Ikone

    Registriert seit:
    11. März 2003
    Spydeberg (NOR) / Solothurn
    Hast du einen Mediamaster 9802S? Lt. User Release Notes ist das Update nur für den 9802.

    cu Peter

    Read Me First
    User Release Notes for Nokia Mediamaster 9802 S

    1. PURPOSE

    The new software version contains a number of new and enhanced functions as listed below. The purpose of this document is to list these new features, in relation to the current software version SC3.0.

    Hardware: Nokia Mediamaster 9802 S
    New software version: SC 4.0
    Previous software version SC 3.0

    • Support for Dolby digital sound, if available. You can select either the normal audio type MPEG or the enhanced audio type Dolby Digital, by pressing options (green button) or going to language preferences in the user preferences menu.
    • Support for choosing different video tracks if available by pressing options (green button).
    • It is possible to search channel names in TV and radio lists. See below how to do (7. Hints).
    • The channel lists are now sorted in an alphabetic order.
    • Possibility to program recurring reminder recordings (daily, weekly)
    • Possibility to manually select which conditional access (CA) system to use for a specific channel. If a coded channel doesn’t show any picture and/or sound and the STB is equipped with a valid card both in the CA module and the embedded slot, the STB might have chosen the wrong CA to decode the channel (This sometimes happens if you have a CI-module inserted). By pressing the option button on the remote control a thumbwheel will be displayed allowing the user to select the preferred CA system to decode the channel. This manual selection is permanent until changed back to automatic.

    • The improved channel table allowing up to 5000 channels to be stored. 18 favorite lists holding 99 channels each, arbitrary divided between radio and TV.
    • Data channels will be stored in a separate list when doing a new channel search.
    • There are faster response time in menus, lists and reminder.
    • When using motor antenna the channel change feedback is improved, a rotating wheel is shown in case of excessively long time in channel changes (approx 5-10 sec)
    • In all edit channel views (select, lock, rename, rearrange and remove) the STB will tune to the currently selected channel, and are not saved until the user exits this view.
    • Transparency in teletext is implemented, use +/- button when teletext is shown
    • Unsynchronized picture and sound (lip sync) are improved.
    • Updating of services are handled, e.g. regional programs (PMT-update).
    • The stability of the teletext function is improved, however it does feel a little bit slower.
    • A message will be displayed if new Conditional Access system (VideoGuard) will be implemented. However this software version SC4.0 contains the Viaccess Conditional Access system.
    • When changing channel, the picture will now freeze instead of a black picture, until the new channel appears.

    • In the Edit Channels menu it is possible to select between TV lists and Radio lists, this is done with the blue button.
    • The Pre-defined channel (Kiosk 1) on Thor shows picture.

    • You do not get any warning if your favourite list contains more than 99 channels, it will just be cut.
    • You cannot delete the whole data list at once, you must delete channel by channel.
    • You cannot select a channel from the data list to your favourite list.
    • Locked services are not indicated with a lock in channel list. It is only shown when entering Edit service (same for radio services).
    • When the conditional access module detects that there is some authorization problems when viewing a channel it might show a message explaining this problem. While this message box is active the STB will only respond to "Exit", "Back", "P+" or "P-" buttons on the remote control. For instance, the digits will not work and thus preventing the user from changing the channel. Press "Exit" or preferably, the "P+" or "P-" button to remove the message and change to another channel.

    If you want data channels to be sorted in a separate list you must do a FTI

    7. HINTS
    How to use the channel name search function: To search for a specific channel within a list, press OPTION to display the search dialog. Enter search criteria and press OK. The entered search criteria are displayed at the bottom of the list and the first matching channel is highlighted. Step between each further matching channel by pressing the blue button. Press OPTION to leave the channel search mode.
    The search functionality is available everywhere a list of channels is displayed

    <small>[ 17. November 2003, 10:50: Beitrag editiert von: Peter96472 ]</small>
  4. martkla

    martkla Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    27. Januar 2002
    ich hab den 9902s. die realease-notes hab ich gelesen. laut adam soll die software aber auch für den 9902s zur verfügung stehen. ich schaffs nur leider nicht, sie auf meine box zu spielen. das ist das problem. ich hab früher schon ein paar mal softwareupdates eingespielt - hat bisher immer gut funktioniert ...
  5. quint

    quint Neuling

    Registriert seit:
    12. Dezember 2002
    Mal ne andere Frage: Selbst wenn es auf dem 9902 laufen sollte, wofür braucht man das???
  6. O.

    O. Junior Member

    Registriert seit:
    30. April 2002
    Hallo martkla,

    die Software SC 4.0 ist nur (wie auch schon Peter gesagt hat) für den MM 9802S und nicht für MM 9902S.

    Hier nur ein wichtiger Punkt wieso diese Software nicht für MM 9902S geeignet ist: Man braucht ja nur zu wissen das MM 9802S keine Festplatte drin hat, und somit hat die Software auch keine Festplattensteuerung (und das ganze ist damit erledigt).

    P.S.: Laut User Release Notes für Software AD 3.1 ist dies die letzte Software mit nur eingebetteten Viaccess CA:

    User Release Notes valid for Nokia Mediamaster 9902 S, AD3.1.

    1. PURPOSE The new software version offers new enhanced functions. The purpose of this document is to list the enhancements in a brief manner, this in relation to the current and earlier software versions. The detailed description of the functionality of this product can be found in the Owners Manual (User Guide) and its supplemental page on www.nokia.com.

    2. IDENTIFICATION Valid Hardware: Nokia Mediamaster 9902 Software release name: AD 3.1 Software release date: July 2003 Software Baseline: AD-3.1.1 Previous software release: AD 3.0

    3. ENHANCEMENTS There are no new features in the AD 3.1 SW (for the Nokia Media Master 9902 S). The Improvements of the AD 3.1 software (referred to the previous AD 3.0 software) are based on the “correction requests” that Nokia has received from its customer service centers and evaluated in its own laboratory tests. The improved functionality is concentrated mainly on the PDR recording and timer recording features and on the operational stability of the Set-Top-Box on general. Also some known issues within the subtitling, teletext and “built-in guide” have been now corrected in the AD 3.1 software. AD 3.1 is the final software release with embedded Viaccess CA for the Nokia Mediamaster 9902 S.

    4. DESCRIPTIONS OF THE SOFTWARE ENHANCEMENTS IN AD 3.1 - DVB subtitling supported in the “Timer view”. - Teletext stability has improved. - The subtitling is recorded when recording wide screen programs on TV4. - New timers can be executable after a daily and a single timer has run. - The built-in guide functions when pressing the Guide key. - Language selection in option menu also works when Dolby Digital is selected as the default value. - Timer recording is starting up on the right channel. - “Satellite at zero degrees west" can be added.

    5. RECOMMENDATIONS Before performing your software upgrade in the Nokia Mediamaster 9902, please put your most valuable recordings to a VCR. An unexpected interruption or other unforeseen problems may cause the box to halt and force you to perform a customer reset followed by a first time installation. This procedure will always erase the hard disk drive therby causing loss of all previous recordings.
  7. martkla

    martkla Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    27. Januar 2002
    aha, na dann hat sich das ja ohnehin erledigt. hab zuerst gedacht, es gibt auch für den 9902s eine neue software, weil das in der ursprünglichen meldung ganz oben so geschrieben war. danke jedenfalls für die schnellen antworten an alle. martin.

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