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Relook200/400s 2.10 image release

Dieses Thema im Forum "Palcom / Panasonic / Radix / Relook / Smart" wurde erstellt von relooker, 30. August 2006.

  1. relooker

    relooker Silber Member

    Registriert seit:
    2. März 2005
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Technisches Equipment:
    Bush SR-5000E
    Metronic 442203-evolution4
    Echostar DVR7000
    Mutant 200S
    Relook 300S
    Relook 400S
    Relook200/400s 2.10 image release

    PAL und NTSC versions:

    released version : 2.10.
    released date : 2006. 08. 30. 21:18:46 KST

    - boot loader
    U-Boot 1.1.1 (Aug 30 2006 - 21:08:38)
    - application
    - database

    via usb cable, it formats the database. It requires rescanning of channels.
    via usb cable, it updates linux kernel and applications only.

    How to download
    1.Check your current program version first: Main menu-->About-->system info -->program version.
    2.1 : If the program version is older than it's newly released, kernel_root.img has to be downloaded.
    2.2: If the DB version is older than it's newly released, db.img has to be replaced.
    2.10 Changes
    (A : added, F : bug fixed, M : modified/improved of functions)
    - A : Wake up timer/sleep timer functions (relook400 only)
    If you set wake-up timer, the box will turn on everyday by itself at that time.
    If you select one of the sleep time( 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 160 min ), the box will turn off in elapsed time.
    - A : In case of instant recording using record button of RCU, it turns standby or shutdown after the record done.(relook400 only)
    - A : Displays EPG title name on channel list (OK button for channel list)
    - A : DDNS(Dynamic DNS) client function. This function works with http://www.dyndns.org
    - A : Telnet/ftp password can be changed in the Parental Lock menu. See User Option->Lock Control->Telnet Password.
    - F : Aspect ratio and added. 16:9 always mode
    - A : PAL/NTSC, both are supported
    - F : Green tone problem on the screen in RGB mode.
    - F : Hang-up problem in Mount Manager when a mounting target is disconnected abnormally
    - F : Adapt to short name of Premiere channels. Premiere EPG is under developing now.
    - F : Patched busybox for Geckow webinterface .
    - F : Abnormal satellite name on LNB setting, Diseqc 1.2, and USALS menu.
    - F : Problem for selection bandwidth of low or high band of LNB.
    - F : Could not show channels in specific TP freq. in C-BAND.
    - M : Related to CI function (But Premium XCAM Orion is under modifying now)
    - M : Annoying text message is removed such as HDD preparing/saving database, and elapsed time shorter
    - M : The button of RCU for multifeed of premiere is changed as below
    relook400 : four rectangular mark (left of subtitle button).
    mutant200 : alternate audio button with twice

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