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ProjectX 0.81.9

Dieses Thema im Forum "Linux E2 Receiver (Dreambox etc.)" wurde erstellt von OoZooN, 31. Oktober 2004.

  1. OoZooN

    OoZooN Junior Member

    Registriert seit:
    18. Juli 2004
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    ist online. wie immer hier.wie immer einmal als java-version und einmal als windows-exe. wichtigste neuerung:jetzt auch in deutscher sprache!

    hier der changelog:

    Project X 0.81.9

    modified sources: all ;)

    - change: source handling + GUI options modified, some standard settings are changed
    Note: some ini parameters have been replaced and may not work with old settings anymore!

    - change: resource data handling modified
    Note: optional/required files (e.g. language file, ac3.bin) can be placed into the .jar or (outside) in the working directory

    - new: language menu is now available, starting with the system standard language
    ATM, there is an english language file (required) and, optional, one for german and danish (spanish planned), support for languages is welcome

    - new: creation of a chapter file (txt) incl. all mode changes of audio + video (timecode + comment, esp. for M2S)
    - new: option to save the output of a collection to a new folder called "date-time-name" based of the first sourcefile
    - fix: PTS continue problem combining file segments > 2GB
    - fix: failed renaming of right soundtrack file when split 2channel to 2 singel channel
    - fix: exception on enabled d2v option, but missing video export
    - fix: ES demux: prevention of buffer overflow on too much loaded GOP sizes (> 6MB not allowed as in PES)
    - change: DVB subpicture streams now also accepted in VDR/PES format
    - change: adaption (new option) for parsing of special Humax file format, incl. preview
    - change: "out of sequence" msg. carries the latest video timecode
    - change: pre-scan of mpg/pes etc. now shows also multiple audio + video streams + subtitle streams
    - change: pre-scan, 2nd try on unknown file types, filepointer will be positioned at ~10% of file size
    - change: post commands are now called as commandline, not arguments (what's actually the same)
    - change: reading cutpoint files allows comments following any timeindex/number, at least one whitespace char must separate them
    - change: cutpoints now also apply to stream2stream conversions. depending on the source packetization, the cuts are 'clean' (no pixel garbage)
    Note: even if cuts are possible now, there is no error/timecode correction as before

    - change: 59Hz framerate calculation (only simple adaption)
    - change: last selected folder in the systems file dialogue will be saved
    - change: multiple file selection in the file dialogue box (not supported by some JREs)
    - change: TS parse: better PID content detection (less mis-detection)
    - change: now, the sourcecode adaptions for Topfield HD access are included.
    if you wonna try the AddOn from chrisg, just load and install the required .dll's only

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 31. Oktober 2004
  2. Stefan1100

    Stefan1100 Gold Member

    Registriert seit:
    4. Dezember 2003
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    AW: ProjectX 0.81.9

    Ist es mit ProjectX ähnlich wie mit DVR möglich, Werbepausen automatisch herauszuschneiden?
  3. Angel

    Angel Talk-König

    Registriert seit:
    15. Januar 2001
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    AW: ProjectX 0.81.9

    In ProjectX müssen die Marken für den Schnitt schon von Hand gesetzt werden.


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