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Dieses Thema im Forum "Coole Seiten" wurde erstellt von littlelupo, 8. Mai 2005.

  1. littlelupo

    littlelupo Guest

    Hab's selber noch nicht ausprobiert, hoffe, das klappt gleich...
  2. audiolineXY

    audiolineXY Junior Member

    Registriert seit:
    29. April 2005
    AW: Faceanalyser

    geht bei mir nicht :(
  3. littlelupo

    littlelupo Guest

    AW: Faceanalyser

    Welche Fehlermeldung bekommst Du?
  4. Beanpole

    Beanpole Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    31. Juli 2002
    Technisches Equipment:
    1x dbox1
    1x dbox2
    AW: Faceanalyser

    Fehlermeldungen gab´s nicht. Allerdings ist das Ganze totaler Schrott!

    Eindeutig weibliche Wesen werden als Männer erkannt. Von der Nationalität mal ganz zu schweigen. :D

    Also nix als Müll zum Zeitvertreib...
  5. Don Pasquale

    Don Pasquale Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    9. November 2004
    AW: Faceanalyser

    Verona ist südeuropäisch-chinesisch
    und definitiv nicht lesbisch.
    Soweit der FaceAnalyser.

    [​IMG] Race Analysis Race Analysis Explained

    6% Eastern European
    44% Southern European
    1% South East Asian
    50% Chinese
    0% East Indian
    0% Middle Eastern
    0% Anglo Saxon
    0% Korean/Japanese

    Gender: FEMALE Personality Profile Rank Click here to see your celebmatch.
    Intelligence [​IMG] 5.1 Average Intelligence ?
    Risk [​IMG] 5.1 Average Risk
    ? Ambition [​IMG] 5.4 Average Ambition
    ? Gay Factor [​IMG] 1.0 Very Low Gay Factor
    ? Honor [​IMG] 4.9 Average Honor
    ? Politeness [​IMG] 6.4 Average Politeness
    ? Income [​IMG] 6.2 $30,000 - $50,000
    ? Sociability [​IMG] 5.2 Average Sociability
    ? Promiscuity [​IMG] 2.3 Very Unpromiscuous

    Personality Profile:

    You particularly enjoy the traditional way of life. Having drinks with your friends, attending parties and relaxing while watching TV are some of the simple pleasures you indulge in. You may also enjoy physical exercise. Your driving force is to retire as early as possible, so that you can do the things you enjoy more often. Your main source of ambition comes from this desire.

    You dont particularly like your job but you do it without complaining. You realize that the income that it provides is essential to your lifestyle. You are friendly yet competitive with your co-workers. This competitiveness may lead you to squander your earnings to match other peoples' possessions.

    You operate most effectively when there is a set power structure, and the lines of authority are clear. You know your place in the ranks, you play by the rules, and will deliver what is expected of you. You do not care for responsibility; you would rather be care free.

    Your view of other types
    You sometimes disagree with Boss types, but you respect them for the most part. You may even be envious of their lifestyles. You find Academic types boring and uptight. You have very little in common with them. However some White collar types may respect the accomplishments of certain Academic types. You think that Artist types are unrealistic and immature. You like interacting with Charmer types, and sometimes envy their charisma. You perceive Gambler types mostly as loners and untrustworthy. However, since you may have to interact with them on a daily basis you are not hostile to them. You believe Drifters are too lazy to work for a living but you sometimes feel pity for them.

    Other types' view of you
    Boss types may have some things in common with Blue collar types, but for the most part they only interact with you during the course of business. Academics see White collar types as unsuccessful versions of themselves, but because of work situations they may have to interact with you often. Artists do not interact with you, for they consider you to be a slave of conformity. Charmer types may associate with you; they find that the collar types are the people that mostly want to hang around them. To the Drifter types your repetitive routines seem boring; they would prefer having more fun and excitement. They may however enjoy the company of some Blue collar types.

    White Collar:
    -Slightly more intelligent and ambitious than the Blue collar type.
    Occupation Examples: Secretary, Police Officer, Telemarketer, Computer Programmer, Office worker
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 11. Mai 2005
  6. Don Pasquale

    Don Pasquale Senior Member

    Registriert seit:
    9. November 2004
    AW: Faceanalyser

    Zlatko ist

    [​IMG] Race Analysis Race Analysis Explained

    Middle Eastern 83%
    Southern European 0%
    East Indian 0%
    Eastern European 0%
    Anglo Saxon 0%
    South East Asian 0%
    Korean/Japanese 0%

    Gender: MALE Personality Profile Rank Click here to see your celebmatch.
    Intelligence 5.5 Average Intelligence
    ? Risk 4.3 Low Risk
    ? Ambition 5.1 Average Ambition
    ? Gay Factor 1.4 Very Low Gay Factor
    ? Honor 3.9 Low Honor
    ? Politeness 4.2 Low Politeness
    ? Income 5.6 $30,000 - $50,000
    ? Sociability 5.1 Average Sociability
    ? Promiscuity 3.1 Low Promiscuity



    Personality Profile

    Your main drive is to be admired by those with similar interests to you. Money and influence is not of your concern. You are interested and may be active in certain political movements which you consider to be moral. You may act or dress in a unique way to reflect your eccentric personality. Your emotions fluctuate fairly often resulting in you going through incredible highs and devastating lows. When someone is attacking you personally you tend to ignore them, for you do not like to argue with those who you consider to be barbaric. You may however simply be fearful and timid. You generally enjoy interacting with other and have some acquaintances.

    You may enjoy using drugs to escape reality and explore different perspectives. You spend much of your time doing what you love. You are employed for the sole reason of sustaining yourself. You may even be unemployed. But you may be great at your passion and making good money off of it.

    Your view of other types
    You consider Boss type to be egotistical and selfish so you may only interact with them during your employment. For the most part you do not interact with Academic types for you rather take it easy. You may like certain Academics because of their knowledge of interesting subjects. You tend to avoid Charmers because they may attack you verbally. You consider Gambler types to be duplicitious loners. You do not interact with the White collar or Blue collar types, for you consider them to be slaves of conformity. You sympathize with Drifters.

    Other types' view of you
    You do not concern
    Boss types for they look down on you; they believe that you waste too much time. For the most part Academic types do not respect you, however there are some Artists that they give some credit to. Blue collar and White collar types think that you are unrealistic and immature. Charmer types see you as an attention seeker and are often the people who criticize you. Gambler types see you as a fool who has no focus on financial success. Drifter types may enjoy your relaxed personality; they believe they can relate to you.

    Alpha Artist: Most intelligent and ambitious.

    Expected Occupations: Designer, Computer Graphic Artist, Painter, Professor, Professional movie critic

    Beta Artist: Somewhat intelligent. Adopts styles like goth; styles that are unconventional and are intended to show their uniqueness.

    Expected Occupations: Social Worker, Chef, Music Producer, Theater Actor, Theater/Film Director, Physical Therapist,

    Theta Artist: Adopt new styles quickly. Not concerned with being looked down on.

    Expected Occupations: Cashier, Unskilled laborer

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