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Doctor Who Indie Music Track - Blue Box - The Red List

Dieses Thema im Forum "Small Talk" wurde erstellt von DazJWood, 8. April 2008.

  1. DazJWood

    DazJWood Neuling

    Registriert seit:
    8. April 2008

    To coincide with the start of the new series of Doctor Who and to reflect the previous series, the band I play in (The Red List ) have written and recorded an indie track based on the Doctor.

    The lyrics and premise of the track is based around his loneliness; both from the perspective of being the last timelord and also from losing someone he cared about (ie. Rose).

    There's also a Kylie link in there too. [​IMG]

    I would appreciate all your comments / feedback, whether good, bad or indifferent.

    So if you are interested then click the link below:


    Enjoy, hopefully... Blue Box by The Red List


  2. foo

    foo Wasserfall

    Registriert seit:
    5. Januar 2002
    Technisches Equipment:
    d-box II - Neutrino
    AW: Doctor Who Indie Music Track - Blue Box - The Red List

    Hey, I've seen Rose in the last episode, so she might come back soon and then the Doctor is happy again - so better prepare a funny (love) song. ;)

    To be honest: The song is quite okay but for an "indie" song it sounds a little bit too boring. :)
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 8. April 2008

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