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Dieses Thema im Forum "Common Interface, Codierung, Softcams und Co." wurde erstellt von eurosat, 23. Juni 2002.

  1. eurosat

    eurosat Neuling

    Registriert seit:
    23. Juni 2002
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    The CAM Modules are the digital equivalent to an analogue decoder.
    Their function is to restrict access to various channel bouquets -
    the broadcaster supplies a card to allow you access their stations!
    The usual restrictions are applied where you live.

    The existing decoding systems for CAMs are namely the above : Irdeto,
    Betacrypt, Viaccess, Mediaguard (Astoncrypt - Seca), Conax,
    Cryptoworks, Nagravision, AlphaCrypt, Universal and Magic.

    The Irdeto CAM has been adapted by : "NOVA" Hellas, "Canal Digital"
    Holland, "Stream" Italy, "Multichoice" South Africa and "Showtime"
    & "ART" Arabic. Not to mention many others far from Europe.

    The Betacrypt CAM has been adapted by : "Premiere" Germany, "ORF"

    The Viaccess CAM has been adapted by : "TPS" , "ABSAT", "Viasat"
    Scandinavia, "RTV" Slovenia, "HRT" Croatia, "ART", "NTV Int", "Sex
    View", "Ultra Blue", "Televisa", "SRG" Helvetia , "SVT"
    Swish, "RCT/SCT" and "ALPHA DIGITAL" Hellas.

    The Mediaguard (Astoncrypt - Seca) CAM has been adapted
    by : "Telepiu", "Canal Satellite", "Kanal Digital", "Canal Satellite
    Numerique", "AB sat", "Cyfra", "Stream", "Orbit" and "Canal Plus".
    This is the most popular decoding system.
    The Conax CAM has been adapted by : "MTV Networks", "Canal Digital".

    The Cryptoworks CAM has been adapted by : "Chechlink" Czech
    Republic , "Cyfra + Wisja" Poland, "Digiturk" Turk and "Telespazio".

    The Nagravision CAM has been adapted by : "Via Digital", "Tv Cabo"
    Portugal, "Star Digital" Turk, "ABS-CBN Mux", "Az TV1" and "Polsat".
    As far as the digital decoder for Sky Digital UK ( Sky Digibox ) is
    concerned, it uses a new CAM Module which is called NDS Videoguard.
    This system is a no removable part of the Digibox and it can be
    possessed only by buying it from Sky Digital dealers. In the future
    this decoding system is expected to be used from "ÏÔÅ" Hellas
    bouquet .

    Rarely, if ever, a CAM is on its own enough to give you access to a
    station, most likely you'll need a card too.

    Common Interface Specification for Conditional Access and other
    Digital Video Broadcasting Decoder Applications EN50221 & ETSI TS
    101 699 Ver. 1.1.1 Extensions
  2. Commander Keen

    Commander Keen Gold Member

    Registriert seit:
    31. Mai 2001
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Hmm, ja und?
    Was ist Deine Botschaft an uns?

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