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Enigma 2 für den Topf 7700 HD PVR

Da es noch keinen Thread dafür gibt mach ich mal einen auf

Aktuelle Version 0.3

New features and bugfixes (since 0.2.1)
+ Feature: introduced MediaPlayerExtended
+ Feature: timeshift is now working (still unstable). Press pause key
to start timeshift and the stop key to stop it. Alternatively
the timeshift may be stopped by switching to another channel.
+ Feature: added DHCP support
+ Change: mountpoint for sda3 is now set to /hdd (all programs recorded
before updating will appear after installation in /hdd instead of
/hdd/movies). The change was required to host timeshift files
on the sda3 (because they are created in /media/hdd).
+ Update: incorporated the new version of stmfb v22(37)[3.1]
+ Update: added new timezones
+ Fix: fixed displaying the Dolby icon on VFD
+ Fix: fixed the link status in the network menu
+ Fix: switched subtitle color to white
+ Fix: fixed the issue with stopping playback while it is paused
+ Fix: improved audio/video resynchronization after pause
+ Fix: improved CAM handling (especially the performance)

Unsupported features and known problems
- The only supported tuner type is DVB-S2 CX24116/CX24118.
- Volume control keys
Due to an incompatibility with many menus the keys right/left cannot be used
for volume control. Therefore, the volume can be controlled via the frame
control keys |< and >|.
- Timeshift sometimes does not pause even if it shows pause sign and
the timeshift recording starts.
Workaround: switch to another channel.
- Timeshift ignores the recorded buffer if the time elapsed since
activation is less than 6-7 seconds.
Workaround: do not unpause timeshift in the first 8 seconds.
- "Fast forward" does not work properly at speeds higher than 8x.
"Jump forward" can be used instead (see playback keys).
- Rewind does not work properly. Sometimes enigma2 freezes when rewinding.
"Jump back" can be used instead (see playback keys).
- Samsung LCD TVs will probably have problems with the default resolution
- HDD shuts down and spins up very often, workaround - disable HDD standby in
e2 settings.
- With "AC3 downmix on" there is no sound on optical when AC3 stream is
selected. With "AC3 downmix off" the system migt freeze when zapping to
channels with AC3.

When reporting problems please provide console logs documenting the system

Installation instructions
You will need either a USB stick or a USB harddrive with FAT32 filesystem.
- Copy the files Enigma_Installer.tfd, uImage and rootfs.tar.gz to the USB
- Attach the drive to the USB slot.
- Open the Topfield firmware update menu and select the image file
Enigma_Installer.tfd on the USB drive.
- Start the firmware update from USB.
- After about 6-7 minutes the installation should be finished.

During the installation the VFD shows the current installation step and
error messages (if any):

"9 USB STCK" mouting USB stick
"8 HDD PART" partitioning HDD
"7 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (root fs)
"6 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (data fs)
"5 HDD SWAP" creating swap
"4 ROOT FS" installing root file system
"3 LOADER" flashing U-Boot settings
"2 KERNEL" flashing kernel
"1 FSCK" checking file system
"0 REBOOT" rebooting within 2 seconds

It is recommended to attach a cable to the serial port and log the output in a
terminal program (e.g. TeraTerm) during the installation and the first start.

The USB filesystem should be writable to prevent infinite installation loop.
(The file uImage is renamed to avoid the infinite loop.)

The first start usually takes approximately 3 minutes due to creation of
device nodes.

Enigma2 can be removed by flashing a regular Topfield firmware image using
standard tools like TFD-Down or VegaPack.

First start
On the first start the Enigma2 interactively configures the video output to be
used. The following options are available:
- Component
- Scart
Each connection type is switched on for 30 seconds. The VFD displays the
connection type which is currently active. You can either wait until the
connection type you want is displayed and your TV shows a picture or you
can select the connection type with Up and Down buttons on the remote control.
Confirm the desired connection type with the Ok button. After that you can
proceed with the configuration supported by the configuration ******.
The image contains a default channel table. If you want to replace it You can
perform a channel scan later.

Network configuration
The U-Boot settings contain the following configuration by default:
MAC address 00:3e:9e:11:22:33
IP address

That is after booting the image you can login via telnet if your computer is in
the same subnet.

These values are set up by the U-Boot. You can temporarily change the values
in Enigma2 menu "Settings/System/Network.../Adapter settings" or change the
U-Boot parameters.

Default U-Boot bootargs:
ba1=console=ttyAS0,115200 root=/dev/sda1 rw init=/bin/devinit ip= : nwhwconf=device:eth0,hwaddr:00:3e :9e:11:22:33
mem=128m bigphysarea=4000 coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@ 0x10400000

To change the IP addresses interrupt the U-Boot countdown and execute the
following command with replaced IP addresses:
TF7700> set ba1 'console=ttyAS0,115200 root=/dev/sda1 rw init=/bin/devinit ip=<own IP>:<server IP>:<DNS IP>: nwhwconf=device:eth0,hwaddr:00:3e :9e:11:22:33
mem=128m bigphysarea=4000 coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@ 0x10400000'

Please note that the setting has to be split in two lines to bypass the
limitation of U-Boot. The second line must start with a white space. The
string is enclosed in single quotes. Any change is temporary unless the
settings are saved to flash using the command "saveenv". Before saving
settings to flash you should test whether the kernel boots with your settings.
Enter "boot" at the U-Boot prompt to start the kernel. (After testing the
settings without saving them you will have to enter your changes again.)
Bekannte Bugs:
  • Cam Modul arbeitet noch nicht zuverlässig
    muß immer wieder mal neu initialisiert werden....
  • Fehler beim Spulen von Avis(xvid);Receiver spult nicht um die vorgegebene Minutenanzahl,sondern wieder an den Anfang zurück
  • Falsche Belegung für die Lautstärkeregelung
  • Kein Dauertimeshift

Falls dieser Thread irgendwie gegen die Regeln verstößt bitte ich darauf aufmerksam gemacht zu werden(Btw:In dieser Firmware ist nicht illegales drin(EMUs,etc.))(Wenn nicht,könnte ich auch nen Link zur Datei bereitstellen)

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